National Multiple Sclerosis Society recognizes MARS Foundation efforts with awards

Jennifer McGee, Donor Engagement Director for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Upper Midwest Chapter, has recently sent us the following information about two awards the MARS Foundation has won.

Award # 1:  National Level - The Chairman’s Circle (2014):

Members of the National MS Society’s “Chairman’s Circle” demonstrate their commitment to the Society’s mission through exemplary financial leadership and generosity. Each individual, corporation, foundation or team that is honored into the Chairman’s Circle has given or raised $500,000 or more to bring us closer to ta world free of MS.  This year, the Mars Foundation was inducted into this nationally recognized prestigious giving circle. We are honored to have their continued support and thank them for their hard work!

"The first is the Des Moines MSAC.  And, because it is a National level giving circle, Mars was also referenced/listed in our materials and during the presentation at the MS Society’s National Conference held in Dallas/Fort Worth in November of 2014," said McGee.  The conference hosts hundreds of guests comprised of Society employees, board members, donors and volunteers from around the country…it’s a pretty big/special deal."

Award # 2:  Chapter Level - Philanthropist of the Year Award (2013):

The Philanthropist of the Year Award is reserved for gifts that make a substantial impact on the MS community. And any time the MS Society has the privilege of giving this award away, it is a time to celebrate!  

"In 2013, the MARS Foundation donated $100,000 to fund MS research," said McGee. "These funds support the National MS Society’s “NOW Campaign,” which stands for No Opportunity Wasted. Significant research progress occurred in 2013. And with the help of the Mars Foundation, the National MS Society was able to increase its annual research investment to $50 million in 2014 — because understanding and ending MS can’t come fast enough."