2017 projects receiving support from MARS Foundation

The MARS Foundation has elected to support two studies in 2017 through our donation of $95,000 to the National MS Society.


First Study:

Researcher:  Sergio Baranzini, PhD                           Project:  The MS Microbiome Consortium

Project Duration:  4/1/2015-3/31/2020                   Total Cost:  $800,898


“The MS Microbiome Consortium (MSMC): an academic multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to elucidate the role of the gut microbiota in MS” With this support to the MS Microbiome Consortium, a multi-center team is conducting a comprehensive analysis of gut bacteria in people with MS to determine factors that may drive progression and help to develop probiotic strategies for stopping progressing. 2014 Stephen C. Reingold Research Award for most outstanding research proposal.

Second study:

Researcher:  Ben Clarkson, PhD                               Project:  Role of ISGylation in MS

Project Duration:  7/1/2017-6/30/2020                   Total Cost:  $184,654

Location: Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota


Researchers at the Mayo Clinic are investigating a process called “ISGylation” that may play a role in the cognitive problems experienced by many people with MS.